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Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

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You turn your key to start your car’s engine, hear a stalling noise, and then nothing happens. Everyone’s had the experience of waiting in a car parking lot for someone to arrive with jumper cables. In cold weather, the problem can be much worse.

Batteries matter. You want to make sure you’re buying the highest quality you can. Duralast is a well-known manufacturer but that doesn’t always translate to quality products.

In this article, we’ll explore whether its reputation is warranted and learn more about the brand and its product.

What Manufacturer Makes Duralast Batteries?


Duralast is a brand of auto parts owned by AutoZone, the biggest auto parts retailer in the United States. As well as batteries, Duralast produces hand tools that come with a lifetime warranty.

Three manufacturers supply AutoZone with most of the Duralast line batteries. Those include East Penn, Johnson Controls, and Exide. AutoZone will buy batteries from other manufacturers if they meet their specifications.

Who Manufactures Duralast Automotive Batteries?

This question has a complicated answer. Duralast is a brand owned by AutoZone, but its batteries are actually purchased from third parties that meet a set of specifications.

There isn’t a single battery maker who manufactures them. They buy batteries from many different manufacturers and put the Duralast brand on them.

Three companies produce the bulk of Duralast batteries: East Penn, Johnson Controls, and Exide.

Does Duracell Make Duralast?

No, despite the similarity in name, Duracell does not make Duralast batteries. Duracell and Duralast are competing brands.

These brands are also owned by different holding companies. While AutoZone owns Duralast, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire-Hathaway owns the Duracell brand.

Another key difference is that Duracell actually produces its own batteries.

How Much Are Duralast Batteries?

Duralast batteries have a reputation for excellent performance at an affordable price. The costs of specific models vary depending on the power they store. Most Duralast batteries start at $30 and run to a few hundred dollars.

To get more specific, talk to your mechanic about your vehicle’s battery needs. Then talk to someone at your local AutoZone about how to best meet those needs and what it will cost you.

Do Duralast Batteries Have a Warranty?

Most batteries will come with a warranty, and Duralast is no exception. They offer two warranties: a two-year for regular batteries and a three-year warranty for gold and platinum products.

Review your options before purchasing a new battery. A gold-line Duralast battery could cost only $20 more than standard. It might provide better value to spend a little extra upfront.

Are Duralast Car Batteries any Good?

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Duralast batteries are known for quality at an affordable price. As all manufacturers must meet Duralast’s high standards, there is only moderate variation depending on the company actually making the batteries.

 The actual quality depends on who built the battery.

Three companies make most Duralast batteries. Of those three, Johnson Controls built most Duralast batteries. It sold the car battery line, and Clarios now makes those batteries.

Batteries made by Johnson Controls – Clarios – have a reputation for good quality. Duralast’s highest quality batteries are usually from this battery line.

East Penn, another Duralast manufacturer, has a similar reputation for high quality. Their batteries perform especially well in cold weather.

Exide makes Duralast’s most budget-friendly batteries. They are made in India, where labor costs are lower. They have a reputation for sound performance, but not as good as batteries made by the other two.

Who Makes Duralast Deep Cycle Batteries?

Deep-cycle batteries deliver less starting power but can work for much longer; they are popular in boats for this reason.

Third-party Johnson Controls used to produce Duralast’s marine deep-cycle batteries until Clarios bought the line a few years ago. Most deep cycle batteries are now produced by Clarios.

Who Makes Duralast Gold Batteries?

Three companies provide most batteries to AutoZone for its Duralast brand. One of those three makes most of the batteries under the Duralast Gold line. That company is Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls sold its car battery line to another company, which today is Clarios. So, some Duralast Gold batteries come from Clarios.


Duralast batteries have a reputation for excellent performance, with enough power to start your car in the dead of winter. They’re great value as well with an affordable price tag.

Before you buy a new battery, make sure that you’re getting the right one for your vehicle. You’ll need to make sure it’s the right size so that it fits in your engine compartment. Make sure that you’re getting one with enough cold crank amps to get you started on cold mornings.

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