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Are FCS Struts Any Good?

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The vitality of FCS struts has always been underrated. The FCS strut is a car component that keeps the wheels stable (from bouncing) while driving. In other words, they are part of the suspension system.

Besides, they reduce vibration and harsh noise, giving passengers a comfortable ride.  

If you would like to improve your car’s ride quality, consider replacing your automobile’s struts.

In this post, we will help you have a deeper understanding of the importance of this automotive part.

Are FCS Struts any Good?


They are important to overall vehicle operation.

Reason? They will come with everything your car needs, whether old or new. They will provide you with a long-lasting solution to help you get the most out of your car.

Besides, these struts are developed to adapt to all temperatures and different roads. Each model is customized to fit your specific car model.

What do Struts do?

Different cars have different suspensions. The variation comes as a result of the height, weight, and design of your vehicle. Irrespective of whatever your vehicle might have, the most important thing is to ensure your automobile gets enough service on time.

Your car’s strut is an integral part of your vehicle suspension system. It houses the shock and springs, which makes it a convenient option in terms of space.

It supports the weight and height of the vehicle. It also ensures the stability of the car. It helps to keep your car’s tires on the ground, especially when performing emergency maneuvers.

The shock absorber dampens bumps and functions to reduce vibrations created by the like of holes and uneven terrains. Traditionally, struts are found on the front axle of most vehicles. However, they can also be found at the back wheels of your car. All these depend on the model of your vehicle.

Driving with a broken strut or shock can turn a major problem into complete suspension damage. To know whether you need to install new struts, look for the following signs.

Increased noises when you hit pumps

Uneven tires as well as uneven tire damage

Difficulty or increased difficulty in using the steering wheel

Uneasy and rough rides

FCS vs. KYB Struts

We have reviewed FCS and KYB to determine which is the best for your car. Due to the importance of struts, many people spend a lot of time finding the best brand.

FCS and KYB are the popular struts in this industry. In this post, let us look for a brief review of the two.

FCS Struts

These struts have an excellent finish coat that ensures they perform for a long time, even when exposed to long temperatures.

FCS struts have bold designs that meet the OEM Quality (Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality). This means the product is quality and durable

These struts can also withstand the regular exposition of heat and pressure. This is because they are of high quality due to the hard chrome piston rod. So even if you accelerate your toy to full speed, FCS struts will still function at their best.

They will hold your car firmly and improve the steering and braking ability.


·         They can minimize tire wear

·         They can perform under intense heat and pressure

·         They have an awesome design


·         They are a little bit noisy

KYB Struts

These struts are known for their longevity and origin. The manufacturers of these models believe that any model that can fit all vehicles can’t last long. For this reason, KYB struts fit certain vehicles.

The manufacturer of this brand has given these struts strong body outer parts and brackets. This keeps the wheel alignment correct. It’s simple to install these models, but they require a little more effort.

These struts perform well, especially when you are changing lanes. They boost stability and ensure safety, making the feeling comfortable in the control seat.


·         They have strong body cells and a firm grip

·         They are quick and simple to install

·         They last longer and have an excellent look

·         They are stable and control improvement in lane changing


·         Sometimes they produce small squeaking sounds

Which brand is suitable?

To determine which is the best brand, it narrows down to yourself. Nonetheless, one factor to consider here is that FCS struts are OEM quality products. They follow the fixed factory alignment of automotive specifications.

KYB struts focus on fixing and improving issues that vehicles that vehicle factories might encounter.

The final decision will come from you when you consider other factors like price and preference.

Are FCS Struts Good Quality?

FCS struts provide a comfortable ride for the price. These struts are designed to sustain customer satisfaction. The performance of these products is equivalent to the expected results.

These struts go through quality and durability tests, and therefore, they guarantee the best performance. They function without ceasing to increase to give you the utmost satisfaction.

They have maintained the required standards in the automotive market and the dynamic world. They are mirror-finished; thus, they look sleek, smooth, and shiny, just like the car’s wheel.

They are gas-charged, MacPherson-type struts to provide the best in safety. To add on, they have a NOK seal for durability. They are incorporated with Japanese oil ensuring a great seal. They help reduce the wheel hop, thereby improving the handling and making less tire noise when accelerating, cornering, or slowing down. This makes your car very enjoyable.

Why you should opt for FCS Struts

FCS struts are the premier option for your car suspension. These struts are perfect whether you are racing or cruising down the highway. You should go for them because;

They are the best choice when it comes to replacement. They will come with everything.

FCS struts are long-lasting and affordable, and they will help you to get the most out of your car.

These struts can adapt to all roads

You can install them by yourself in less than an hour. There is no pressure to have mechanical skills.

Final Thoughts

FCS struts are designed to offer you high power in all conditions. They feature hard chrome piston rods, urethane rubber bumpers that absorb noise from hitting roads or other objects, and NOK seals.

They are an excellent product for all your suspension needs. Even though they have advantages and disadvantages but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. They work perfectly well on any type of car, even old ones.

Regarding KYB, both struts are good, and they function quite similarly. Perhaps the difference will be in the price, but again, you are the final decision maker. Above all, the FCS strut is the best if you want a quality component that will stabilize your car.

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