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Garrett Dunham, founder of Ignite the Drive, speaker, and entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneurial Expert?

Have you successfully launched a startup in the past, fund / mentor startups actively, or have fought for years to make your startup work (and you’re still going)? Our community would love to hear from you. Stop trying to guest post on blogs that promise millions of viewers, produce 0.01% of that, and won’t let you talk about yourself (besides NoFollowing all your links).

Get treated like the phenomenal, and appreciated, contributor you are with support and tools to get your content seen, your links clicked, and your posts to the top of Google.

A call for experts

Join us to share your knowledge in Motivational Tools / Entrepreneurial Motivation, Productivity Hacking, Entrepreneurial Self Improvement, Fundraising, and the Fundamentals of Building a Successful Startup.

We are recruiting a few experts per area, and invite you to apply by Feb 15th. Apply here.

Who can contribute?

Our readers want to learn from people who’ve been in their shoes in the past or who actively helps entrepreneurs. This includes successful entrepreneurs - $100M+ exit; persevering entrepreneurs - it took years for your startup to go anywhere but it’s succeeding now; or venture capitalists, angels, and startup advisors who are currently active and have been active for 1+ years.


What content are we looking for?

We’re looking for a few types of content in one of five general categories.


  • The Tower Post - A large (5000+ word) listicle or How-To guide that we can pour our resources into gaining prominence and SEO to the top of Google.
  • The Hot Tip - A quick (< 400 words), actionable, and interesting tip that our readers can get value from immediately.
  • The Standard - 800-1500 word standard content. In all honesty, this is our least favorite as it still takes a while to write yet is much harder to SEO. Our readers like them but don’t expect massive views.


  • Motivational Tools / Entrepreneurial Motivation - Our readers love tools and techniques to push them through the entrepreneurial grind. This is the mainstay of this blog.
  • Productivity Hacking - When you’re motivated, it helps to ensure you’re focused. Tips, tools, or techniques on improving productivity - especially if they’re unique - are much loved.
  • Surviving Fundraising - Let’s face it, a CEO needs to keep the lights on and typically that means raising capital. Founders are desperate for quality information on fundraising. New perspectives, unique tips, and little known techniques are fantastic.
  • Entrepreneurial Self Improvement - There’s plenty we can learn and improve about ourselves as entrepreneurs. This category is a bit of a catch-all for founder improvement, but there’s techniques that fall outside of the others that are valuable to our community, so we’d like to hear them!
  • Startup Fundamentals - Like entrepreneurial self improvement, this is a bit of catch-all focused on the startup / company (rather than the founder). Tips, tricks, and techniques on things like public speaking, team formation, focus, etc. are great.



You’ll be supplied with a detailed document outlining requirements. In general however, we ask:

  • Reasonable self-promotion - let’s face it, you blog to help your brand, company, or because you want to be heard. We get it. There’s a line between referencing your own work and a thinly-veiled sales pitch. Do the first and you’ll be fine, do the latter and our readers leave (which makes us very sad pandas).
  • Personable and fun - You know what’s great? Stiff, boring content. Wait, great? I meant terrible. Stiff, boring content is terrible. Keep it relaxed and fun to read, just like you’d want to read. Rocket science I say!
  • Actionable - Give me something to chew on will ya? Even better, give me 100 things to chew on and a short action plan on getting started.
  • (Mostly) unique - We’ll consider syndicated content if it’s really, really good and valuable to our readers. Most of the time, however, we’d like you to be original so we can SEO the hell out of your post. See next bullet for something important, however.
  • Your own and un-infringing - Don’t stick us with a huge lawsuit that sucks for everyone. I’ll put it simply: Don’t. Steal. Content. Period. (That’s a double period for emphasis.)
  • Easy to read - We have resources to help you here. Things like lists, pictures, and loads of line breaks help. I hate a wall of text, I’m sure you do too, and our readers definitely do.

If accepted you’ll have access to specific criteria and resources to ensure your voice is heard. So, with that said...

Ready to get your voice heard, your links followed, and cement your expert status?